How’s it going fellas…. ladies it definitely nice to have you as well. I’m your host,  Zay here, with a warm welcome to the #CultOfDad. That’s Culture of Dad, before any one gets the wrong idea.  The Fraternity of Fathers, a brotherhood of  like-minds, sharing knowledge and resources.

#CultOfDad…CultureofDad_3c …is is the place for new fathers and old alike, to come together & connect with the fellas. Where we remember that we are still, ourselves and we get to be that. Although we are now fathers, we are so much more than that… and by being more than, just fathers, we become better fathers. This is the place for us to do that… to build and grow together, and take that wealth back to our families, our seeds.


So now that you got our mission statement, A little about me…image

I am a NYC dad. mid 30’s, impassioned entrepreneur. I work, am currently back in school and building my own for the future. Since becoming a father, my life has evolved and transformed. That’s not to say a change for the worse… but life grew to be different. As I’m sure you probably all know. Yet even with change… the good outweighed the bad and became a blessing in my life.

My father, my son.

So here I am… reaching out because I know the fellas are out there, yet I look around and notice not much that speaks the this new Culture of Dad. The ones busting ass day in and day out, teaching lessons and tying shoes, whatever it takes. The daddies sacrificing all they can, money, time and effort toward helping their seeds grow. The old idea of Dad is fading away and a new era of fatherhood is dawning.

This is where that new Culture of Dad lives. Helping each other grow through the process even easier and not alone. We are a fraternity, a brotherhood. This is  the #CultofDad

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