Your little one(s) ever get in that real defiant mode? Testing and pushing all limits?

Now understand, I’m dealing with a 3-4 yr old, and there are levels to this.  Still, as patient as one tries to be, it seems kids are made to push those limits beyond imagining. Testing our own mental fortitude and will. Well listen up…

Dad - Its a trap

It’s a trap!!

Don’t fall for it!  What you resist, persists… that’s never been more meaningful to me than with my son. The more I resist this his constant testing, and all out line-stepping, the more it persists… the more it seems I get stuck in the messy unnecessary. Knowing that however, it’s still much easier said than done.

So, how do we get it done. Is there any consistent way or method. From the hand I had in in raising my younger siblings, I know how kids independent natures continue to rear its ugly head in later years. The nerve of them of them to want to be independent and live their own lives?!  Do what I say dammit! Definitely don’t do what I do and how dare these kids want to just do what they want to do, right?


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Alright, I suppose that’s the overall point. We are supposed to be raising them so that they can function on their own… I guess. So I suppose that means at some point, having to allow them to do their own thing. Have and experience their own … fuck ups (for lack of a better term).And, allowing them explore and learn how to navigate this world around them. Still, doesn’t mean I have to like it. Especially when that means embarrassing inappropriate behaviors, blatant defiance or them acting out of spite, temper tantrums and the like.


dadd's love

Sigh… still, in the end its all love, if we want the best for them… sucking it up and being patient seems the only to do that. Ever watchful… ever diligent… yet somehow, ever patient. Heaven help us! Lol!






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