I find myself constantly digging deeper and adding other layers to thought.  I’m finding perception is key to creating your reality.  What is your perspective in the story you tell?  Is it a sob story,  or one of triumph.  It’s the same events,  but HOW do you TELL that story.

How do we reframe negatives from our pasts to be positive  experience  our seeds can learn from.  I’ve always been a strong believer in learning from the mistakes of others,  as much (if not more so) as Iwe learn from our own mistakes and experiences. As my son  gets older and find himself in more precarious situations I find myself drifting back to the unending stream of precarious situations I’ve found myself in.  In that knowledge I know and am assured he too can and will navigate through them.

By being open,  sharing my own experiences with him,  Im offering him valuable insights to learn from,  without as  u have need for control.  I’m willing to let him fall in his face if that’s the route he chooses…  Its when he is close to the edge of the cliff that I choose to intervene and take control in redirecting him.  It’s amazing to see however,  how my sharing with him the experiences of my past allows learn and pick up on the lessons himself rather than stressing myself and beating him over the head with what I think is right.

Surprisingly, the context in which the stories are reframed are just as important.  Not only is the recontextualing empowering for me…  It adds to the ways in which my son adapts and learns from those situations himself.  Creating the reality  and the world I want starts with the stories I tell myself and share with my family and world around me. The positive outcomes, lessons and experiences I own and express us empowering my son to do the same…  Less and less am I hearing him say ‘I can’t’,  replacing it with, ‘I can’ ,  ‘Daddy did’ ,  ‘I’m learning’ and ‘I’m focusing daddy’. With that I feel beers of pride radiating from every shamefully embarrassing cheese grin, but certainly la vie…  Such is life.  More and more a peaceful and positive life that I’m grateful for.

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