So,  exactly one week before father’s Day. Two weeks before my sons fourth birthday…  I’ve apparently had a stroke.    Been in the hospital for almost a week so far.  Discharge before father’s day?  Probably not…  But im determined to be out before lil man’s birthday!

Can’t front,  I was shaken to my core…  To my faith,  to my spirit. But I’ll be damn if I lose my smile.  My heart and  spirit are too strong and I KNOW the power of the infinite being that I am… YOU are…  WE ARE! Made in the image of God and all that,  blah blah, blah.

But table that… Using my own life as example.  Conquering every crap shit scenario this world,  my life has ever brought to me. F*** Sickle cell,  f*** this stroke,  f*** this crises. I’ll be damned if this stops me. I got waaay too much to do. We as fathers,  as a community have way too much to do

So,  I apologize  for the venting, for the ranting,  for the anger and frustration you might sense…  But I am claiming  and owning  my power… I’m calling fourth my own healing  and I’m owning this new chapter of my story… I know misery loves company,  but I refuse to let this steal my smile or my power. I refuse to be miserable, but if there is anyone out there wallowing in there misery,  I hope this is a reminder  to own your strength  and know,  it could always be worse.


You could be dealing with a  stroke,  and it’s potential  lingering effects,  a sickle cell crises of intense stabbing pains,  bacterial infection in your lungs and staving  off the possibility of it becoming more. Hell it could even be worse for me.  I started walking on my own today,  yay!  Take that strokey!


No stopping or holding me down…  Not now,  or ever.  Especially on Father’s day.  Not afrer receiving such a daddy’s day gift!


So regardless the situation,  acknowledging my gifts… I’m sharing my blessings with you all and wishing you a happy Father’s day!

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