Wishing you a very special Happy New Year to all the fellas, fathers and daddy supporters out there! I know 2016 has put us all through our paces, and as is the way of life… 2017 will continue to do so, but as we move forward we get stronger and this culture and community only gets greater!

Welcome back to #CultOfDad! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but for me, like many, 2016 was one helluva year. That said I am back are back, and have been plotting some great things for the Cult-O-Dad community for 2017.


Before I get into all that, I do want to take a moment apologize for the unannounced and unexpected hiatus. This is my re-commitment and reaffirmation the
intention that and the ultimate vision that is behind Culture of Dad. Culture of Dad is more than just one mans daddy blog on the rants and raves of adventures through fatherhood. What Culture of Dad is and will grow into, is a platform for fathers to come together, share resources and experience and create a movement for men that empowers us to our greatest self as men, fathers and beyond.  I envision a movement that allows us fellas to know and own our value and our place as fathers in an ever-changing culture the world over. I commit to that, I commit to us and I look forward to all of you joining me and your support in this movement.

its-a-movement                                              Image courtesy of Talia Abramson and Redbubble Ltd.

So, in 2017 you can expect more consistency with weekly updates on Mondays and Fridays .containing lots of new goodies and offerings from Culture of Dad! There are a number of interesting blog series coming up sharing content like regular Dad related news stories, awesome daddy finds, Guys corner where we will shoot the shit on all things guy related, no daddy talk necessary and more.  We’ve got the YouTube channel up, and I’m currently working on space for regular video-ing. Once the channel details are flushed out, you can expect cool content like Product reviews, Daddy and me adventures and more, interesting how-to’s and more. Also expect more partners and content creators to come on board sharing their views insights, expertise and the like. And, lastly, im in the early stages of planing a fun “guy hang” podcast and a community forum addition to the site! It’s going to be a  great year of growth for Culture of Dad and I cant wait to get started and I hope you join me on this journey for us all!





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