The Following is something I was compelled to write… Being awoken at 2:22 am from deep slumber to a woman’s voice, greeting me with a hello. Unsure who or what it was I chalked it up to remnants of a dream… but something called to me to come and write. I didn’t know where to start, so I replied back Hello… the rest came pouring out instantly, with out thought. When I looked at it today, it moved me so, I decided to share it with you. Would love to hear your thoughts! Enjoy!


Hello… neck pains, midnight wakes-ups, cold symptoms? These sudden spurring are not without meaning. Your soul is urging you fourth. Can you hear us, Zay? Can you come out and play? We are here for you. In service to you, a part of you. The one above all, is not really one above all but one apart of all… it is the all, in all… the all in you, and you a prone to its sways and flows. Just as the tide to moonlight. The wind outside the window. There is a perfect symmetrical spiral to all things divine. And all things divine, is all things, for we are one. Right now your steam of consciousness rolls off your fingertips into You have been seeking, searching, wondering if this is all real. Yes, it is. It is all real, as real as you allow it to be, because it is all a part of you. That which you choose is yours, in all the realms of possibility. As you set your mind to it… you call it fourth. The magnetics of your vibration pull it towards you… the resonance of your wishes pull you towards it. We are here to help and serve you… we love you unconditionally. You must love yourself unconditionally. Do you, Zay? Do you love yourself unconditionally? Can you love yourself unconditionally, at all times? When the road is harsh. The journey is long; the body is weary? Can you still love yourself and own your power, your worthiness, your heart, when your wishes do not seem evident? This is what we ask of you Zay. This is what you call forward yourself. For what we ask is what you ask. It is your desire to do more, be more, expand and have more. There is nothing “wrong” with wanting more. Wanting more for yourself, more for your family. To live life with dignity, in comfort, being of service, playful and fun. There need not be struggle. For struggle is the resistance to change and the unknown. It is the grasping of fear in difficult times. Much as suffering is the wallowing in sorrow during times of pain. The two are not intrinsically a part of life, yet but for how real we make them. By choosing to perceive them as reality. The worries, the sadness, the suffering. We need not choose such divisive avenues for self. We need only to trust in ourselves. Knowing who we are, what we are… we will always know what we are capable of… trust in us, trust in you… know who you are. For you are god’s-self, being shown to god’s-self each time you look within… each time you recognize the shared union in all others.heart-of-violet-flame Seek me no further outside of yourself. For I am here with you… within you… always. Love yourself, as you love me… for we are one. Love your family as you love yourself. For they are you. Love all as you love your family, for they are part of the whole. Only through sharing of thyself. Of thy heart, can others be set ablaze by the bright fire of your light, to follow your example, to wake up to heart. You are love, your purpose is heart. To bridge the world with the violet flame of the masculine feminine divine, through all the ways you express yourself, your heart… your love is how you will help change this world for the better. We love you, you love you… we are one. Namaste.

#SpiritDad #2

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