During a recent conversation I had, I was requested to suggest some family fun activities for those visiting NYC. This sparked the idea for a new series for locals and this visiting the city in future.  So below are some of the ideas and thoughts of fun engaging activities enjoyable for the entire fam. Future posts in this series will contain more ideas such as date night activities, specific events and more.

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For any families visiting NYC, I’d first suggest they make sure they come with a good amount of spending money. NYC is a helluva fun town… but damn it can be pricey! That said there are some great things too get into, both costly and inexpensive.

sesameband-011014-v1For instance depending on the kids ages, Sesame street on Broadway is coming in  town in two weeks. It will be running in madison square garden for a couple of weeks, from February 16th – 26th I believe. There are some great deals on Groupon.com, were you can get some reasonably priced tickets. Also with NYC being the cultural mecca that it is, there are a lot of great things happening on Broadway, like the show wicked which may appeal to older kids. I’d recommend checking sites like NYtix.com or Broadwaybox.com for deals on prices. Theres also an app for that!

Then of course are some great museums, many of which have specific dedicated family programs and offerings that’ll get you in at reasonable rates for the whole group and will include more interactive activities for kids. I recently took my son to participate in some family offering at the Whitney museum of American art. Where we participated in a group workshop, got to make cool art and had a dedicated tour. They even let him play with the other the kids in many of the large interactive after displays. The Whitney is also great because it’s right next to the highline and near a lot of interesting stuff in the West village.

Which brings me to somestatic2-politico-com more inexpensive offerings, like many of NYC local area worth exploring for great shopping. Like the west village. Also an assortment of great parks like world renowned central park But other parks like Van Cortland park, uptown in the Bronx, where you ban play some golf, go fishing, hiking in the trails and more. Central park is great because they have ice skating in winter. Free concerts in summer, a petting zoo etc.


Speaking of Zoo’s there are great offering for that, like the Bronx Zoo, which offers free entry on Wednesdays and is always fun for the family and a great way to tired the kids out due to the amount of walking. Bring snacks if you want to avoid the pricey eatery and concession spots at the Zoo.

I’d also let them know to be mindful of the season they are visiting as there are different offerings for the different times, like summer stage for free concerts both in central park and out in Brooklyn. Or the winter holiday train show at the botanical gardens.

Thk-bbq-funen if you got older kids or no kids there some assume spots for date nights all throughout the city, or more family friendly places like the themed restaurant Jekyll and hide which can b be pricey. But a lot of fun can also be had at some of the amazing Korean BBQ spots in k-town (Korea town) but I wouldn’t recommend those for smaller children due to the close proximity of the grill built into the tables that you cook on yourself.

All in all this is NYC and there’s a ton of things to get into both touristy and not. Much can be shared on that.

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