It’s that time a gain… the one day a year we daddies get some recognition for our contributions to the family and society. Not here, however… here at #CultOfDad, it’s daddy day 365! Lol!

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When I look back to one year agao… I’m kind of amazed at all the changes that’s happened, buth personally and culturally. Went from a black president too a billionare president. Britain left the union… Cavs and Golden State traded titles… yet again!!! lol!  And personally, this time last year I was in the hospital having suffered a stroke.

Seriously… check the posts… you can see for yourself, as I was still on my daddy stuff even from my hospital bed.

Since then, I’ve left my old job, have come close to finishing school. Held down two amazing new industry positions, got my master level Reiki certification and am reconnecting with my love of Dance. #CultOfDad has gotten some mention in the media and added new team members, as well as gotten input for our growth, from the one and only social media guru himself… Gary Vee aka Gary Vaynerchuck!  We are growing and and – for all intents and purposes – I have recovered. From #StrokeSurvivor to #StrokeTriumphant!!

I would not be surprised to know that if you look back, you too will see change and growth in your world as well. At least I hope, sound off in the comments, to share your stories of change over the past year.

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As time marches on, change and growth is inevitable. The fatherhood movement is building and more and more, Daddies are stepping up everyday to claim their spots as the patriarchs of our society. We make a difference, we matter and as such, we here at #CultOfDad celebrate each other from being and doing the best we can to make a difference in our children’s and families lives.

So even though it’s always daddy day here, we want to take this moment to wish you an blessed Fathers day full of joy and love for 2017!!

Peace and Blessings

A dude called daddy aka Zay




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