Happy 2018 to all the #CultDaddies and supporters!

It’s about that time again, where all are excited with renewed energy, for all of the wonderful abundant possibilities a new year may bring.  Hoping 2018 turns out as positive and prosperous as we all are wishing and working towards.


Unfortunately, this is also that time of year where all of our social media streams are flooded with all sorts of false promises people make to themselves and the world at large. That time where bold and boastful proclamations are made that often end up leading to disappointment.

We’re all probably guilty of doing this, but I learned my lesson years ago and no longer make such bold proclamations and “resolutions”. Seriously, what the hell is a resolution anyway? According to google, its a firm decision to do or not do something.

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Basically a promise to self… and I don’t know about you but I’m not a fan of promises. They are limiting, constricting and naive.



I’m a much bigger believer and advocate in intentions, and committing to those… Setting and resetting your intentions daily and making your best efforts from there… then loving yourself enough to forgive or understand, should you ever fall short. Not feeling like a failure because you missed a mark one day with an intention, so you can pick yourself up the next day and get back on the horse.

It’s so easy to beat yourself up when falling short on promises. Easy to wallow in failure and give up 100 percent on your goals, rather than forgiving your self, brushing it off and getting right back to it.

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This is my peeve with resolutions and promises. Why I advocate for the more empowering setting of intentions regularly.  We are all about empowering ourselves and the Culture of Dads here.

Be sure to Check out the new #CultOfDad podcast to hear a more entertaining short rant on this topic. You can listen here!!.


Check out my recent #MiniPod episode “The Issue w/ NY Resolutions” on Anchor: https://anchor.fm/cultofdad/episodes/12a60c4

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