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Fear has a way of freezing things up. Bringing things in life to a standstill and keeping the things you want out of reach.

Biologically, people are programmed for self preservation. Fight or flight, stemming from the hunter gather period, when when we stuck out in the wild… running from sabertooth tigers and shit. Lol, (Yes , Im aware this isnt historically accurate…jokes) but seriously, from the earliest days of of man’s existence we were programmed for self preservation in the wild.

Now, times have changed and mankind is in a much more civilized state, yet our primitive biological urges still trigger us. Instead of fight or flight response to true life threatening fears, like sabertooth tigers, we now get fight or flight response to fearful thoughts like, ‘should I take action pursuing my goal or dream’.fear 1

Which is sad because completely harmless situations can throw our world into a tail spin if we are not mindful. Real world concerns over bills or changes like moving, can cause the same level of fear that being attacked by a bear would cause in the past. Often leading us to be struck by potentially paralyzing fear, whether the situation calls for it or not.

With the world we live in currently fear triggers lie around every corner, we are left with two choices it seems,  to fall into and react from fear, or to realize the illusion that that fear can present.  In other words we can choose to ‘Fuck everything and run’ or we can realize that it is simply ‘False evidence appearing real’.36d1be01f38606fe159e199321f343e5--dont-let-wise-words

When we allow our base emotions to trigger us to act – or not act- we are choosing to say fuck everything and run. We are choosing flight over fight. Make no mistake there is nothing wrong with this train of thought, we are programmed for self preservation, however this can be a less empowered choice. Allowing the fear to make us run from situations (even what we truly desire) keeps us stuck in our safe place. Our comfort zone, the norm , monotony, predictable, because that is where the mind assure us we are most protect. Even if we are unfulfilled, incomplete, miserable and stuck, the mind prefers that to the unknown that is change.  “The devil you know…” I suppose.

On the other hand when we choose to fight through our fear, embracing change, new experiences, growth etc. We come to a place of realizing through experience that fear is just false evidence appearing real. That much of the fears we experience are all made up in our minds, tools use to stop us from stepping out into the unknown.  Yet, the ‘unknown’ of today is not the same as the wild of yesteryear. The unknown of today is often the place where our growth, our goals, our dreams are found, and the fear of that place is often very exaggerated and nonexistent. Still it is hard to know that until you begin to be bold in taking step outside of that perceived safe space. Only then do you begin to realize how much so, that fear truly is false evidence appearing real, from an experiential place.

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I’ve learned it time and time again myself. From skydiving, to leaving the country , to starting a family to starting my own business, and on and on. Only in those time I’ve chose to be bold, take risk, embrace change has my life elevate.7d829b033459117449d66140cb521132 From a sheltered angry kid from the ‘hood’ with a chip on his shoulder, to a more well rounded man, walking an awakening path, thriving on my entrepreneurial journey. Yet still, I find myself, reminding myself to continue taking such bold action in service to myself and my dreams. The fear still comes, but the more that I face it, fight through it, the more that I am reminded, those fears aren’t real, and just set limits on what should be limitless.

This isn’t to say toss all fears aside and be reckless, but its a reminder to myself and all, too be brave, and act in accord with your highest self, with your goals and dreams. Creating the life we want is the only reason we are here, not to be slave or dictated to by the whims and demands of others or society.4bb372cacc969d99843d2e088a830b5a--track-quotes-inspirational-picture-quotes At least that is my belief and what I insist on teaching my son. To make the most of this life, instead of playing small and living in accordance to others because of fear.


I choose love, for myself, my life, my family, our culture as a whole; and I pray you do to. If only because, we deserve it, simply by being here, we are worthy.

Peace and blessings all,




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