It is that time of year again. One of the sweetest for some…. the heart on the sleeve, movie romance types. The time when many couples are overtly showcasing and celebrating their romance for all to see.

While other secretly – or not so secretly- oppose and question this day’s meaning and value. With a great many others¬† jealously take shots at those celebrating with their significant other simply because they are alone on this Day.

Yes Valentines Day is here again and all is right with the world. Lol.¬† Rather than dwelling on my personal views, (if you search my older post you can see I’m not a big supporter of the day, although I do play along for the sake of others) I think the most valuable aspect of this holiday is the excuse for openly expressing love to others.


So I just want to take the time to show love the the Culture of Dads, all the men out tthere who are doing their best, financially, physically or otherwise to be present for their kids and play a role in their lives. Also to all the women who support this cause and see this thriving culture as a support to all that Mommies do and all that women are.

Reminding all to Love yourselves, as best you can a nd let the filter out to you kids, family and the world. Love in any form , romantic, familial, self less, unconditional, in general or any other type of love; is always the greatest aspiration we can strive for , as corny and cheesy as it may sound.

So, wishing you all a Lots of love on this day, whether or not you have a valentine, because you are deserving and worthy of it.

the love we deserve

Peace and Blessings!


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