As #CultOfDad continues to grow, we are met with more and more milestones and accomplishments.  The site… the community,  “Culture of Dad” is rising in popularity and the #CultOfDad Podcast Has been gaining momentum and developing an amazing audience since we began. The team that supports our efforts is steadily Growing and the value we are adding to the community is not going without recognition!

All noteworthy praises that just show the value of the Culture… All the men and women that support and recognize the need for space and community that reps the men owning their roles as fathers and father figures across the board.  The amount of growth we’re experiencing since developing and pushing forward this project, at the start of 2018 is truly a blessing, and would not be, if not for the support of all the #CultOfDad Fam out there.

Today marks a new Milestone for #CultOfDad, as we been listed and featured in -not 1, but 2 – Top 100 lists on FeedSpot.com.  We’ve been included in their Top 100 sites on fatherhood, for 2018 list and their Top 100 sites for Men in 2018. Curated from Thousand upon thousands of other websites listed on these topics, it a huge honor to make it to the Top 100. Especially considering we are just getting started, Listed among so many of the major players in this field is really amazing. We are honored, proud and know we wouldn’t have accomplished any of this without the #CultOfDad Family.  This recognition is due to your continued support, sharing and spreading of our content, and value. You are all truly amazing. We Thank you

Much Luv from the Culture of Dad team, keep riding with us… a lot more, amazing things to come!


Special Thank to the Feedspot team, whose curating efforts, data and analytic crunching and cultivation of awesome content, has allowed us to be included among some rather noteworthy peers! Keep a lookout we will continue rising in the ranks!

FeedSpot Top 100 Fatherhood sites to follow can be found here!

FeedSpot Top 100 Men’s site to follow can be found here!



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