So this week I finally did it! I accomplished a major goal that I’ve been busting my ass for – for years.


I’ve finally finished school and officially graduated!!

Woo-Hoo!!! Get it Zay!! You’re the man!! lol!

Okay enough patting myself on my back, now for the real reason I’m sharing the good news with you all.

I’m not writing to promote or advocate the value or need for school. Truth be told, I don’t believe it is for everyone, nor do I believe the value of it will last for future generations. So the value for school is a very personal decision for all.

However, this personal accomplishment for me had great value in that I finally completed something I had started many years ago.


The choice to return to school was not an easy one for me, as I had attended school reluctantly straight after H.S. I did not want to and felt forced to by my family at the time. Being so resistant to it, I wasted the opportunity. Completely flunked out after a semester or 2 and fought my way back in for fear of ‘getting in trouble’ slowly tried to build my GPA back up, with half ass attempt and no clue what I was doing or what I wanted to do. I wasted years of my life… thousands upon thousand of dollars and put myself into deep life long debt. Put lightly… Man that shit sucked.


In the process I stumbled on a path I liked and an opportunity that allowed for an easy out. Before I knew it I found myself In the real world, pursuing one opportunity after another and living my life, having never finished what I started.

Now, years later, I found myself in a place reevaluating life. Finding out I was going to become a dad will do that to a guy. Wanting to take the skills and lessons I learned in the real world and apply them in a way that allowed me to build something of my own… something that added value to the world… something that allowed me to live my life on my terms. With that I eventually decided it was time to go back to school.

After a vigorous process of figuring out how I was gonna pay for it, finding investors, a school, managing my schedule around work, classes, and now a young toddler in the house … I finally got the ball rolling. Through the process I had health complications, a stroke, job changes and more… I fought through all the crap to finish school, on time , with an honors GPA. (How I managed that I don’t know… but ill take the win!)

Throughout all of that, I discovered and realized some new things about myself. How smart I am, how capable I am. How passionate and driven I can be, especially for what I want and believe in. Possibly one of the most valuable things I discovered, was in the completion of something I started long ago. Something I walked away from at a time and thought I was okay with, and how complete I feel now at the end of this process. By finishing what I had started, in a brand new way that allowed me to add to and redefine whom I thought I was. A reminder to self that I am more than I thought, more than I gave myself credit for and the limitlessness of this limited being.

To think… at one point, I didn’t want to even go to school. Then I went but didn’t even care to finish. then I decided to go but and finish, but didn’t care about graduation. Yet now, here I am, graduation week happily excited to have family and loved ones around me to celebrate… and to have my son there at my graduation old enough to understand the value and importance of this moment. to give him something to aspire to… not with regards to school, but just in the value of hard work, perseverance and finishing what one started. For that I feel truly blessed.


I share this tory to remind yah’ll, that your journeys are not over either… there is so much more to who you ware, to what your capable of than you may be giving yourself credit for. It’s our job as parent, role models, people in general to shine that light and go for ours in whatever way that may be. For me in this moment it was something as basic as finishing school – but there is still so much more to come. For you it may just be, being the best provider for you family. Or fulfilling, unfulfilled dreams and regretful what ifs. Whatever it is… the hope and possibility is there for us all.

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