What’s up guys and gals, all the #CultDaddies and #CultMommies out there.  We’ve been away for a bit, investing some valuable precious time with family, before the start of the new school year!

We’re back in action now, with renewed spirit, refreshed energy and revived motivation! Welcoming all of the changes and growth we’ve been going through here at Culture Of Dad.

Getting back into gear with this new season of dope content, I want to discuss the need for the Father. In our homes, communities and society at large.

Now yes, being a Dad, “Fatherhood”, is clearly a ‘thing’, sadly it is not an important thing it seems. Mothers on the other hand are celebrated, supported and touted as primary figures in children’s lives and throughout the mainstream, while fathers and fatherhood, remain an afterthought in the culture.  And while it seems the Fatherhood movement is picking up some steam, it lags behind traditional ideas of typical gender roles, whats cool and trending, motherhood and a myriad of other places we all invest ourselves and our energy into.

Seldom do we hear about the importance of Dad, his presence his love, his guiding light. So much so that the idea, that fathers are not important is easy to come by.  Yet in our homes, with our loved ones we can see for ourselves how important and great the need is.  In our communities… we can see the damage, and pain caused from that void many of us feel.  Overall, in society as a whole it is clear how needed we are, to set the tone and template of how to be. Not in a male vs. female… patriarchal vs matriarchal way, but in a way where our men… our fathers, can support our women; in the homes, in their goals, in society at large. Whether they wish to be entrepreneurs, business people, stay at homes or something else altogether.

We are Needed in a way that teach our children how to be, whether boy or girl…  on how to be treated and how to treat others. Needed to teach the important life lessons that too many of us learn from friends or the streets. We are needed in a way to help guide the direction of the culture and the type of people we as a society wish to be.

That all starts with US, at home, as the examples we set for the minds of the future. It start with us, owning our own power in the world, acknowledging our value and creating the lives we truly want, over the lives media tells us we should have.

It start with us standing in our power… holding our ground to say what we will and wont stand for, and doing what work for us rather than what history has told us about older less evolved version of ‘man’. Shedding traditional ideas and gender roles to really find what works for us in attaining our happiness and prosperity.

If that means, working from home, or swapping roles with the wife so you can be a stay at home while she works… if that works for you and you family there is nothing wrong with that, damn traditional norms.

If that is a home with to loving parents … that just happen to be men… well then hell with other expectations… being there… loving and guiding your kids in the best way you can is what matters most.

If it means being a single dad and fighting the courts and bitter exes to show your children what it means to care and to fight for what they believe is right… then that too is part of the journey.

If it means working yourself to the bone, because that’s all you know and it all on you to feed many mouths, although you may not actually be there for them as much as you’d like… then that too is a valuable and necessary fight.

The fact is, it doesn’t matter how you are there… what you are doing  or any of that… what matters is that… you ARE there in any and whatever way you can be, for yourselves and everyone else… And that is what the CULTURE OF DAD is about.

This #CultofDad movement is about seeing and recognizing all those making that effort. Whether big or small. Your struggle… YOU… matter. #CultOfDad see’s that. We see YOU, we ARE you… and this is home base for any and everyone part of the struggle, the journey, this thing we call life – as a Dad!

We are needed. Your are valuable and here, you are heard and acknowledge.  You are the #CultOfdad and we are here to make sure the world see and hears and knows our presence!



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