What makes us different? What makes us special? What makes us unique?

What makes us necessary to this world?

Is it our uniqueness, our specialness, our differences that make us necessary? Who are we without these things. These differences that our egos can cling to in order to stand out. In order to validate who we are.

What would we be without those distinct qualities? If you was told that all of those things that make you stand out and feel unique… separated from others.., if you were told all those thing were not unique, that you were not special… that all those qualities were shared by others, That you in fact were not alone, in that.

Would that now invalidate you… your specialness?

What if the only thing that made you different was your perspective? That in fact we are not different but for where your point of view is derived? that all the things that made you, you… are shared among masses of others, that all those things, that make you, are actually the same things that make them.

What if the only difference between you and them was where you stand… the perspective you have from that spot. the difference of vantage point from the left to the … as subtle as the focal point of the eyes on your face. As vast as opposite sides of the grand canyon. As informative as a line drawn in the sand and which side find your self on.

If there was nothing intrinsically special

about you… that your were just a random combination of all the same stuff that is everyone else … holding your own little space like the snowflake. All individual and unique in design but all still just snow… experiencing your own journey falling through the air to become one in all the other flakes that simply makes snow.

Does that invalidate and take away from who you are… would that make your own personal perspective more valuable? Maybe just make you more empathic to others knowing were all the same?

What is it, that makes us all different, what makes us special?

In a world where everyone is special, then really, no one is. In a world where no one is special… then maybe all that matter is the collective. Within that collective , all that can really matter is your personal journey.. Your personal experiences… Your personal perspectives.

So maybe all that really matter is the experience you have in the spot that you stand.

Value your life, make it what you wish, because that maybe that ll this whole thing is about.

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