Okay first of all, cults are stupid. I know this… and its a shame when people die for them. But it does – say something… showing how deep the courage of their convictions go.

There is something about that, that is admirable.

But,  if you’re gonna believe in something so passionately, it’s worth dying over [let alone, killing yourself] …

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Couldn’t we be at least as passionate about fatherhood

Not to the point of dying over .. Just to the point of doing it.

Because fatherhood – is just life… living and facing it… dealing with it as best we can on a step by step, moment to moment basis .

Being it… Being a father… not just as Dads, but father figures… mentors, leaders of our culture.

Just by being us, and setting an example for whatever you believe.
the idea of standup-ness [‘that’s not a word’ … I know] and being forthright.
Accepting our responsibilities and owning our shit, the best we can

Even if we feel inadequate, or inept or not capable because of the circumstances of life.
But standing up and living, regardless. Being active participants in our own life’s
if only because there is nothing else.

There is nothing else to do, we try to escape but never escape ourselves . We can never out run… or even hide from ourselves.

We can bury it in the back of the closet, compartmentalized in a corner of our mind,    but its still OUR mind… so its still there… ever-present… unavoidable.

We can drink, smoke,  medicate to forget, but we never really forget… At best a distraction, but still – always there.

A part of who we are, what we are, and what it is that we have to face… because simply – there is nothing else to do.
And the fear, leads us nowhere…  but to a more painful road back to ourselves.
to face and deal with it anyway.

See fatherhood is as life… living it, facing it, dealing with it as best we can… step by step.

No right or wrong answer, except that which you say.

Just one part of life, as big or as little as you make it… but its part of the life you the life you’ve created… are creating… that you must deal with, with everything else.

So if ppl can be soooo passionate to commit to cults and ideas worth killing themselves. Why cant we be so passionate to commit to ourselves, our lives and experiences worth living for.

Fatherhood is just one outlet and expression of life. Not the end all, be all… but part of the journey, that is as much committing to yourself, as it is to the rest of your life.

See cult Of dad isn’t about believing in something enough to die over, or following someone else’s lead and guidance for your life.

It’s about believing in something enough to live it out. Following your own lead and guidance for your life, in the company of others who also walk that path.

And as we do… we set the example for those that follow after. our kids and beyond.

Its the Anti-Cult … the cult of life… the culture of Dad!

So all the #CultDaddies and #CultMommies out there…. You are the culture that is #CultOfDad.


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