The beginning of a new year always motivates and energizes everyone. The whole new year, new you mentality sweeps the culture and many begin making their resolutions and declarations. Often resolutions that tend to fall to the wayside within the 1st couple of months.

The usual process goes something like, make a resolution, go at it gung ho, as hard as possible for as long as possible at the beginning of the year. Eventually, burn out, and struggle with the difficulty of maintaining the effort required for the bold declarations made. Start stumbling and missing goals or action in pursuit of said declaration. Begin to fall back into old patterns, routines and comfort zones that work against goals. Acknowledging that they are failing at maintaining their resolution. Completely give up resign ourselves to whats easy, normal and comfortable. Settle back into that routine, and wait for a new year to begin a new resolution.

At least that the predominant expreince myself and many others have had.

Which is why I personaly gave up making ‘resolutions’ years ago!

No more general blanket statements of what im going to do without fail, only to stumble, struggle and possibly fail, feel like shit about it later and completely give up on it and myself.

These days I’m much more aligned with setting my intentions and consistently working towards them. Making small regular steps, with effort consistently made, over large sweeping declarations of change with little effort to back it up. Adjusting and course correcting whenever I see fit. As opposed to waiting until new years to do it. Making the effort to always coming back to my intentions (with compassion) when I stumble and fall, without beating myself up, feeling like crap or giving up on my goals.

Fitness goals for example… setting the intention, going for it and continuing to go for it… whether I miss a day, days or weeks at the gym. Falling short of diets or anything else, same thing. Showing that compassion and forgiveness for my failings, making adjustments as I go, to coming right back to it.

This is what im finding works better for me… to not give up on myself and to continue making progress and growth. Am I perfect far from it… but Im consistently growing in this appraoch just seemed healthier for me. Less self deprication and feeling like shit cuz I feel of my resolution declarations. Less feeling like a failure or a quitter. Just making progress at my own steady pace while keeping some of my sanity…lol.

New years does make for a great gauging point though, how much have I accomplished throughout the past year, what can be let go of, what adjustments and course corrections need to be done. Re-committing to my intentions, my self, and setting new goals. And all in all its been a much more peaceful and positive route towards change and growth, for me.

What I notice these days, though… as our technology and our ever-connected modern world rapidly advance, our access to distractions and deterrents, continue to get easier and easier. Instant (or momentary) gratification is at our fingertips at all times, and these distractions and fleeting moments of satisfaction often lead us to fall short of the more permanent, long-term ‘true’ gratification we seek.

I’m sure this isn’t surprising news to most, as clearly seen and often talked about in the media and all around us.

Making resolutions to be healthier? More fit? Get in shape? It becomes increasingly difficult when being bombarded with junk food, fast food and poor quality foods in every neighborhood, restaurants, and stores around us. These yummy tasting but poor quality foods are pumped full of addictive additive and flavors enhanced with all sorts of salts and sugars… made so accessible that it almost justifies eating them over quality because it’s all just SOOOOOO accessible. While trendy diet fads pushed by ‘influencers’ looking for a quick buck are all over social media. Whether they are actually effective or not, yet they meet us at every turn, in every magazine, on every screen.

Perhaps you’ve got entrepreneurial resolutions… but you find yourself spending your limited time (outside of work or everyday responsibilities)… just listening to business gurus, marketing geniuses, entrepreneurial personalities, self-dev. gurus public speakers, etc… instead of actually working on those ambitions. With so much noise, all so accessible online, in media, person to person … it can become overwhelming and actually keep you from taking that goal head-on. It’s happened to me for a long time… stuck in analysis paralysis, overwhelmed by all of the noise that it stopped me from actually taking action on things. Living vicariously through my idols as they talk of their success never taking those step of my own.

Maybe you’re resolutions about reconnecting with family and friends, but your stuck in that trap of social media sufficing for real in world interaction. This is something I still struggle with. Getting caught up in the thinking that I’m ‘keeping in touch’ or maintaining personal relationships with those I care for, simply because I can see a status update, drop a quick instant message and acting as if that is the same thing as connecting and keep in touch. It’s something I think we are all guilty of in some way or another… but the gratification from seeing a post, a ‘like’, a smile in a picture (whether that smile is actually real or not) is enough to make us feel like we made the actual effort.

Whatever your resolution there are so many examples of how our ever-connected modern world (while making things much better overall) may be weakening our resolve and working against us in many instances when it comes to conquering our goals.

Why go through all the effort of going out to see the whole world, when u can remote view it from the comfort of your own home… at your desk, or in the palm of your hand? If your anything like me, while even on the toilet! LOL! (sorry ladies…crude joke)

Now, this isn’t a knock on technology and our modern world the advances we’ve made and are making is remarkable. Culturally, globally and as a species, we’ve made great undeniable advances overall. The benefits are far to vast to count and impossible to ignore.

But, this is to point out a flaw, in ourselves, in our own fleeting will power. This is just a reminder that no matter how easy our advances make our lives… it’s it now, always has been and always will be up to us, to still LIVE our lives.

To commit to our goals, our ideals, our-selves and make the consistent and continual effort to fulfill them. With resolve, resisting the distractions and choosing true fulfillment over instant gratification.

As easy as it can be to become complacent in the living of our lives, content to view it through screens, content to take the easiest routes, content with momentary satisfaction… its all a pale substitute for the actual creation of our lives and the accomplishments and highs we can achieve, when we can use technology and the benefits of this modern world… to enhance our lives rather than sublimate it.

Just my take on why it is so easy to fall short on these new years resolutions.

So this year, the newest intention I set it, to be more aligned with what will truly fulfill me. meeting the goals and visions I have, in the creation of the life I want.

Im wishing the same for all of you in the new, and happy new year!

Peace and blessings!

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