In this special episode of the #CultOfDadPodcast we launch the new ‘Relationship series’ where we dive deep in fun intimate conversations in my relationship with special guest and co-host of this series founder “Fresh AER coaching”, Alison Reynoso.

#CultOfDadPodcast ep. 24: Relationship series # 1

In this episode we are talking spirituality, the role it plays in our relationship as a couple, in a family unit and the differences between that, religions, and other belief systems. Enjoy!

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#CultOfDadPodcast ep. 24: Relationship series # 1

Listen to the newest episode of my podcast, #CultOfDad PodCast: Ep. 24 – Relationship series # 1 – Exploring spirituality in a relationship

#CultOfDadPodcast Ep. 24 : Relationship series #1


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