In this special episode of the #CultOfDadPodcast we launch the new ‘Relationship series’ where we dive deep in fun intimate conversations in my relationship with special guest and co-host of this series founder “Fresh AER coaching”, Alison Reynoso.

#CultOfDadPodcast ep. 24: Relationship series # 1

In this episode we are talking spirituality, the role it plays in our relationship as a couple, in a family unit and the differences between that, religions, and other belief systems. Enjoy!

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#CultOfDadPodcast ep. 24: Relationship series # 1

Listen to the newest episode of my podcast, #CultOfDad PodCast: Ep. 24 – Relationship series # 1 – Exploring spirituality in a relationship

#CultOfDadPodcast Ep. 24 : Relationship series #1

Fatherhood is a helluva ride. The motivating factors in this whirlwind adventure that is my life, are my passion and my heart. All things spiritual feed my soul. Technology fuels curiosity and imagination. Yet my family, brings me peace... Blessings! The God in me, acknowledges the god in you! Namaste!


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