Today’s episode we are talking about the separation of art and artist – aka the flawed, fallible and sometimes fckd up human beings that create said art.–25—Talking-separation-of-art-and-artist-e2vru9

Artist cred: @art_by_elena_shved

Using recent media examples of people like R. Kelly, Bill Cosby and more… we explore questions of whether the positive art and/or contributions of such damaged individuals is worth salvaging, and if it is even possible.

Touching upon ways we can handle that, and if not… Why is there no consistent rule of thumb for whose work is left u touch and whose is thrown to the wayside.

Tune in to the #CultOfDad Podcast episode 25 this week to hear more!–25—Talking-separation-of-art-and-artist-e2vru9

Artist credit : Dimitra Milan

Listen to this episode of my podcast, #CultOfDad PodCast, Ep. 25 – Talking separation of art and artist.–25—Talking-separation-of-art-and-artist-e2vru9

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