In this week’s podcast, we briefly talk about new (or not so new) trends and tendencies online, of people becoming more and more, judge, jury, and executioner… of, everyone else.

Touching on recent events like the R. Kelly and Liam Neeson controversies we talk about the value and the downside of movements like Twitter’s, ‘cancel culture’. 

We also talk ideas like toxic masculinity, the #MeToo movement and how society is becoming judge, jury, and executioner of all… thank to sometimes useful /misguided movements like cancel culture, and group grope… I mean group thought.

If only we could harness the power of cancel culture for truly useful actions.  Like cancelling bad days so I can go back to bed!

Is there such a thing as going too far, where a valuable idea like the #MeToo movement get corrupt and warped by the masses of people with access to platforms to spew whatever they like, both good and bad? 

Let’s explore. Dive into this episode!

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