Ep. 28: Relationship Series #2 : Valentine’s


The #CultOfDad Podcast is back again with installment # 2 of the Relationship Series. Alison of “Fresh AER Coaching” returns this week as we talk Valentine’s day, romance, love in the relationship!

Join us as we go back and fourth chopping it up on the point of this ‘Holiday’, and the things that really matter for a relationship and for yourself!

Listen to this episode of my podcast, #CultOfDad PodCast, Ep. 28: Relationship Series #2 : Valentine’s https://anchor.fm/cultofdad/episodes/Ep–28-Relationship-Series-2–Valentines-e36vn1

About the Author Zay

Fatherhood is a helluva ride. The motivating factors in this whirlwind adventure that is my life, are my passion and my heart. All things spiritual feed my soul. Technology fuels curiosity and imagination. Yet my family, brings me peace... Blessings! The God in me, acknowledges the god in you! Namaste!

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