In this life, we are always striving, waiting, putting things off… for one day. For when ‘this’ happens, for when I have ‘that’. Waiting for the perfect condition to allow us to be what we wish, do what we want… to have and experience the life of our dreams.

All the while, life keeps rolling on by us… Our moments, our opportunities come and go without us recognizing or capitalizing on them. So busy are we, waiting for this ideal moment to come, when you can embody our grandest vision. Falsely believing that we can not create and step into our grand vision now. That we cannot be our greatest selves, live our best lives on our terms. that we have to wait, for some imaginary perfect circumstance to finally come along.

Never realizing that that ideal moment, the ideal circumstance is really all the countless incremental moments of our lives, now. All of the step by step efforts made, toward reaching our personal mountain tops.

So we waiting on that grand day when we finally reach our highest mountain tops… when the ideal magically becomes real…. while completely miss out on the fact all the steps, is us conquering those mountains. Missing out on all those moments that are real and very much ideal if we have the eyes to see it. Looking past the process to the destination, as though the destination is not just another Step in the process. As if the mountain top is not just another step to a high peak.

Eyes fixated on a horizon that is always moving further and further out, we never see or appreciate all the times we actually reach a horizon point. Not realizing that every step is taken, we reached a horizon point, because by the time we got there… the horizon that our eyes fixated on had moved. Hardly noticing that where you stand today is the spot you aimed for yester… months ago, years ago. Eyes so fixated, that we never enjoy the fruits of the arduous labor.

Hardly ever acknowledging or celebrating the paths we’ve already paved…. and if we do, it is not for long. For it is often not enough, never good enough, never far enough traveled. Not when there is more… more in us, more which we are capable of.

And this is not a knock on anyone… for it is understandable, and to be expected… this is growth, evolution. It is what we do, and that is never a bad thing.

Yet, I am realizing lately that it is all the little moments, all the incremental steps, all the smaller aspects, that make up the grander version of what we truly want. Each progressive step forward, each new opportunity big or small, each moment that we define our selves, that make up the entirety of our lives! All of that is worthy of acknowledgment and celebration! If only because, this process, this growth, this evolution… is all there is.

For if we are always to be striving forward, with no true end in sight, eyes steadily fixed on an ever-moving horizon, then there is nothing else but the journey. There will always be more… so if we cannot own the process, every step up that mountain which is in itself a conquest, we miss the point of the entire journey.

Yet, we let the moments of our lives, the steps in the process, pass by unacknowledged, unappreciated, unseen for the gems that they truly are. And our grand big day that lies somewhere in the distance of our imagination that never seems to comes.

And the time to appreciate and revel in it … Has come and gone in all the little moments that willingly let pass us by.

Dismissing those moments of the family vacays, the passionate date nights, the celebration of the personal wins along the way… so busy chasing the dream life, missing out on the moments and opportunities to live life, like a dream.

The pursuit of success in the rat race, that we are always waiting to reach the top, we completely miss out on the victories along the way. The successful proposals pitch, the deals made, pats on the back, promotion and upward movement … not acknowledging it because we’re so busy waiting for some mythical ‘ultimate’ success before we allow ourselves to appreciate and enjoy it… never realizing the is no ultimate… because no matter how high you go, there is always more to strive for.

So I am realizing if we’re not enjoying the process we are not enjoying your lives. For what else are we here for, there is nothing else! Just the process, for us to enjoy…and to not is a wasteful shame.

It’s a waste to pine away for the day to be fit and healthy so much so that we miss the pleasures of the process of getting fit! The daily ‘gains’ made, the 1st pound shed, or the 20th. Instead, wanting to skip the process of getting fit and just dreaming of the day for that sexy body. Never really enjoying what it takes to achieve that goal. Not enjoying the lifestyle changes that need to be made have to lead to reach the goal you want…and maintain it.

And so on and so on and so on..

We spend so much time pining and dreaming about what we want… the end results … we miss out on the process it takes to achieve those things and thus miss out on the amazing life we want to live… because the goal is not real… it is the process and the steps toward that goal that is real.

That is all there is. The precious moment of now… and the nows to come… from this spot where we currently stand… there is always more to strive for… there will always be. So might as well enjoy it as you go… because you’ll never really get ‘there’… you’re only ever really ‘here…now’.

So we might as well start enjoying it. The here… the now… the present moment, the steps in the process, because that… is all there really is.

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