Man this month has been wild… But what I’ve learned and been reminded of is that when you listen to your body, the body listens to you!

Click here for episode 32 of the #CultOfDadPodcast – Body Talk

In this week’s episode we are talking the body. How listening to your body, it’s subtle cues and ways of communication can lead to your body listening to you.

Getting the the most, the best, the desired responses and results you can; from your body.

How it plays a role in health, recovery, and making physical and life changes.

Some fascinating lessons learned and reminded of this past month, shared with you the #CultOfDad family!

Click here for episode 32 of the #CultOfDadPodcast – Body Talk

Fatherhood is a helluva ride. The motivating factors in this whirlwind adventure that is my life, are my passion and my heart. All things spiritual feed my soul. Technology fuels curiosity and imagination. Yet my family, brings me peace... Blessings! The God in me, acknowledges the god in you! Namaste!

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