Sign and synchronicities all around us, at any given moment, things can and do fall into place. What specific place, I can’t say but I’m learning that the true power of human beings is that we have more power and control over the random acts and events in our lives… much more than we may believe.

The true power hiding inside human beings

What we come to believe

Throughout time, we’ve become conditioned to believing in our own lack. Our own ineptitude. In our own insignificance. We believe ourselves powerless. Victims to the people, circumstances and the world around us. Not at all accountable in the creation of our own reality.  

Few of us ever learn the lessons, that allow us to grow beyond this fear based mindset. Those who do are either taught or are forced come to terms with the truth. Learning the lessons by going through all the harsh painful experiences this life brings.

Those who are taught, or learn from watching others, are fortunate enough to skip many of life’s painful lessons. For the rest of us, we are forced to learn from our own experiences… forced to take life’s setbacks and smackdowns as lessons. To be defeated by or to learn from and rise again. 

So many find themselves doomed, to not ever learn the secrets; the truths that pave the way to living the life truly desired. Truth’s like the fact that we are not victims… not at the ‘effect’ of other people, or circumstances around us… at least, we don’t HAVE to be.

The truth of the matter is…

… that we are not at the mercy of these things but rather the cause for them. That we have the power of choice in the people, circumstance and all that is around us. The truth that ultimately, all that we experience is within our power.

The thing about those who have not accepted this as truth is that they tend to live their lives as victims. Playing the blame game, never really content with themselves, their lives or anything else. 

While those who have learned such lessons become clear on the fact that they are indeed, not insignificant. Not inept or incapable; not powerless, helpless, victims to circumstance and the world around us.

Different perspectives on truth

Many religious people will say, man[kind] was made in the image and likeness of God. Others say God, source, the universe (whatever one wants to call it) is the ‘all’ in ALL. The creator of all things, is of all things, makes up all things (including us) and that we are made in the likeness and image of said God.

On the other hand, many atheists say, there is no God, there is only, US. Whichever way you look at it, all of this goes to say that you (as a man, person. human being) hold all the keys and the power to control your own life. To create the life you desire, own your own terms as you see fit.

Regardless of circumstances, the people that cross your path, the ways of the world; which you had nothing to do with making. Despite all that, your life experience is within your own hands.

The truth is that it always comes down to you. Just us, individuals, people, HUMAN BEINGS … to be, do and have all that we desire, for it is within ‘Gods’ power. Within ‘OUR’ power… to create the life we want. 

But it takes courage to break the mold.

When we take on ideas like radical responsibility. Taking responsibility for EVERYTHING in our lives… we start to lose the excuse of blaming others and circumstance. Gone are the excuses of being limited because ‘I’m only human”. Once we can take responsibility for all that we experience, we discover that being human is akin to being God, (God of your own experience at least) … there is no longer any limit to the possibilities.


Taking radical responsibility

Living with Sickle cell, I’ve been labeled disabled and found myself hospitalized multiple times a year, every year… for my ENTIRE LIFE. 3 years ago I had a stroke, and no one could blame me for having a limited perspective on my life. Sickle cell is not fair. The medical establishment is to blame. Why is God punishing me? I did nothing to deserve this! I’m too young for this sh*t! It’s not right… it’s not fair… blah blah blah…

However, that wasn’t good enough for me. I couldn’t or didn’t want to blame anyone else. I had no interest in screaming to the heavens, blaming some God outside of myself. Instead, I found myself doing something completely different, from what I would have normally done. I took responsibility for it…. for my life. I took radical responsibility.

Mindset shift after my stroke

Everything changed when I stopped fighting the experience, resisting it and looking for someone to blame. It all shifted when I said wait… this was no one ‘fault’ but still, I was responsible for it. I was responsible for my life. This was on me. I could choose to curse the heavens and quit on myself, or I could choose something more empowered.

In doing so, I found myself on the fast track to recovering. Not only recovering, completely overhauling my physical health and life. Now. 3 years later, I have not been hospitalized at all. To go from multiple hospitalizations yearly, my entire life… to hospital free, 3 years straight, may seem like no big deal, but to me is a personal miracle.

Realizing the power in being human

The truth often missed, is that indeed we are more than the sum of our experiences and we are capable of overcoming them all. That we are not victims to circumstances except those we allow and accept. That we are the primary source, mover and attractor of our lives… accountable for all we purvey and all that we experience as our reality.

That is the true power of a Human Being.

We do not have to be limited, minor, insignificant. As a human, we are the Gods of our own personal reality. We are the ones to make it, what we wish… or not. It is all up to us. Whether you’re atheist, religious or just spiritual… we have been instilled with the ability to make our life that which we choose. That is no small feat.

So the next time you’re tempted to resign yourself to defeat, with the excuse, “I’m only human”… I challenge you to rethink what that actually could mean. To see how powerful you truly are… how powerful you can be… should you so choose.

There is power in being human… The god of your personal reality. Don’t choose to be limited… Not when you can be limitless.

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