The idea of success should be a self-determined one. What is successful for one person does not have to be successful for another. But in this day and age, the world tries to put an overall generalized blanket of what success should be to you. It’s all bull shit. No one can truly dictate what is successful to another person. Yet, whatever your ideas of success are, there are some definite steps that benefit all towards making it happen. These 5 steps listed, toward starting your day off for success are my personal practices developed over the last 3 years.

Through personal experiences, study, coaching, and research… the benefits I’ve attained have transformed my life personally and I share them with you because I believe they can do the same in your life. Take what works and resonates with you, leave the rest. But whatever you do, as always, be good to yourselves… because you deserve it. So do your loved ones!

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These 5 steps will help you get your day started off right!

Prerequsite: Sleep

A good night rest goes a long way to getting your mind right the next morning. Study’s suggest the average adult should be aiming for 6-8 hours of sleep a night. From Personal experience that is my sweet spot. If I fall below 6, I’m in a surly mood … below 5, I’m barely functional, if at all.

The flip side of that, if I go too far past 8 hours of consecutive sleep, I wake up in an even deeper state of tire and fatigue. As though someone had woken me out of deep sleep and I’m unable to shake off the cobwebs for the rest of the day.

Listen and get to know your body to figure out your own sleep sweet spot. Then hold yourself accountable for that. If 5hrs is perfect for you, and you have a clear idea of when you have to get up… make sure you have the time to get in your 5hrs. If you need 12 hours, the same…

Making the commitment as a gift to yourself demonstrates the love and care you have for yourself, and shows a willingness to prioritize your wellbeing.

1. Gratitude: (5 min +)

One of the most powerful ways to begin priming your mind for the day is through gratitude. I know…. as corny as it may sound finding some reason(s) to give thanks and be grateful for whatever is good in your life… leads to a feeling of hopefulness and prosperity to be carried throughout the day.

Developing a quick prcatice of just waking up, taking some deep breaths and thinking on what things you can be grateful for, leads right into cultivating the mindset for suceess.

Being grateful, for anything… from the simplest BS reasons to the biggest wins of your life, help to shift the default setting of your mind overall. It enables you to go from a mindset of lack, stress, and fear… to one of abundance prosperity and joyful possibilities.

Not to mention it just feels damn good. If you’re hoping to be successful or have any kind of day that resembles success, feeling good is a requirement. With just a couple of minutes fresh out of sleep, you’re off in the right direction. Pretty damn good trade-off!

2 Meditation: (15 mins +)

After finding some simple reasons to connect that feeling of gratitude, jumping into meditation is the next best thing you can do.

The secret of meditation

Meditation can help clear the cobwebs, wrestle down that monkey mind and tame it for the day. Here, you are not only priming but training the mind. Getting it ready to meet the days demands head-on.

Not necessarily ‘ready’ for a battle, but as shelter, to whether any storms the day may bring. Training it as an effective tool for directing your focus and energy wherever you choose to harness that power, throughout the day.

In meditation, we seek a moment of peace, solitude, connection to that deeper space within where the truth lies, our truths, the truth of who we are.

We temper the minds instability and tendency to make up stories by learning to work with the mind and guide its intention.

The simple act of going within, watching the mind, continuously directing it back to your practice, builds the mental muscle to be used in your favor. Rather than having your monkey mind run you… you will run it.

3 Exercise: (20 mins +)

It might sound cheesy and cliché, but getting a quick work out in, consistently, (daily if possible)… goes a long way toward kicking off a successful day. Not saying you have to go to the gym and do something major. This doesn’t have to be an intensive, shred session for the bodybuilders. It’s more of a commitment to yourself.

Committing to connecting with yourself. As meditation clears and tames the mind… exercise clears out the kinks and fatigue of in the body. Connects you to your body and to the earth for grounding. Get your blood flow and energy circulating optimally to increase clarity and mind/body sharpness.

Give your self 20 minutes or so in the morning.

No pressure, no need for overwhelm, but just a gift you can give yourself at no expense, save some quick physical exertion. The more consistent you are, the more you’ll see changes in your physical well-being. A boost to your ability to carry yourself throughout your day with the energy and strength needed to achieve.

4. Making your bed: (5 mins+)

There is really something to be said for clearing the energy of your space.  Just as you did for clearing your mind, your body, do the same for your space. In simply flapping out the stagnant energy from the night before, resetting your bed so that it’s nice and comfy for whenever you next get in, changes the vibe of your entire space.

A cluttered room feels more open, a messy room, more organized. Building this habit won’t be long before those feel good energies begin to trickle out into your entire home.

The act of making your bed has one added benefit not spoken of much. It does a lot in your subconscious to demonstrate your commitment to yourself and wellbeing. It proves to you somewhere deep down that you can be organized, stick to and follow through on your commitments. Powerful beliefs and attitude that then start to grow and trickle out in all other areas of your life. Areas, much more important than your bed. But the bed is the starting place.

5. Cleanse and nourish your body (20 min +)

Unlike step 3, exercise, this has more to do with preparing yourself for the day’s events, in a way that honors you. No deep and spiritual stuff here, this is common sense, get up and wash your ass!

Please, especially if you’ve been working out lol.

Seriously though, pamper yourself if possible. Indulge in that relaxing warm shower. Take a bath that refreshes you. Whatever you’re time allows, make a ritual of being good to yourself. You deserve it, believe it or not.

Feed your body in a way that energizes and supports your system. Or if you’re like me and prefer to intermittent fasting, hydrate yourself well. Enjoy your morning coffee or tea. Throw some fruit or nutritious snacks in your bag for the day… give your body that premium fuel it needs.

Dress for the day’s events in a way that makes you feel good. This will boost your self-confidence to succeed. Throw on that power suit, or put on that outfit that lets you shine your light. Take a look in the mirror and compliment yourself. Don’t worry no one will blab about your self-love and conceit (lol). But you will know, as you look and feel good about yourself when your heading out the door

Doing such is a way of showing yourself, self-love, bolstering your confidence, feeding your spirit and excitement for whatever the day may bring.

Bonus: Consume content that inspires, uplifts and motivates

We are constantly being bombarded with external stimuli, these days. The internet, TV, radio, social media, etc. Enough to the point, that content consumption becomes very easy, almost second nature. So much so that we are often consuming content passively, in the background, or not even by choice.

That said, being a little mindful about the content we are feeding into our brains, plays a huge role in these steps. Traditional old schoolers insist, watching the news, reading the paper is a necessity for the start of a day.

However, the ‘news‘ is often fear-based and chock full of negativity. This is not to say there is no value there, but it’s not the best way to prime the mind for a successful day.

Instead, if you must consume content in the mornings, consume that which uplifts and inspires you. Stuff the ignites your fire and fans the flames of your passion.

Audiobooks that you can learn or grow from, Ted talk or youtube vids of your favorite personal development coaches or self-help gurus. News feeds and stories that promote the positive things happening in the world around you.

Whatever you are choosing to consume, make sure it is the stuff which opens you up to the possibilities. Rather than that which closes you up, constricts. Taking a fear-based, ‘worse case scenario’, approach to your day is not gearing up for success, its defense against failing. A subtle change in perception but a vast difference of outcome.

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