I am being shown the differences and variations between people’s and beliefs system…

Some may be blk like me… But, Super religious, judgmental, berating and toxic rigid in whom they are choosing to be…

Some can be white, and seemingly loving, but believe in political thoughts and ideologies against your own. Backing and supporting those you believe are more dangerous and harmful than good.

Can you still see God in both of them… Can u see yourself in them?

I thought because one was open and loving in their spiritual approach, we would and should be in total resonance with each other… but no, of course not.

I thought because one was black, struggled in the same cause, we should be in total resonance… but no, of course not.

You will not resonate with everyone… Not always, not in totality. For although we are one… We are individuals… With varying perspective… Providing the contrast needed to experience what is life.

There are things you can judge good and bad in all people including within your self. Can you rise above and love despite that. Irregardless to the objections and perspectives you disagree on… the superficial programming and ways of being.

Can you see them and understand, that, that is you… And these things triggering you are for a reason… Mirrored for you to see, react, experience and learn from … ultimately even love.

For if you can fully forgive, fully accept and fully love yourself, should you not do the same for others.

For all is one… And the one is within you. As it is within all.

This was my lesson from spirit, for the day. 💜

I am that I am, as You are that you are, for we are all, that we are! 💜🙏🏾

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