EP 10: The Daddy game… wait, Dad’s have game?

Check out my episode "Ep. 10 - The Daddy game... wait, Dad's have game? " from #CultOfDad PodCast on Anchor: https://anchor.fm/cultofdad/episodes/Ep--10---The-Daddy-game----wait--Dads-have-game-e19r30 In this episode we talking about how daddy hood can add a new level to the whole attraction game. Its a brave new world for us father figures! Be sure to subscribe to the…

#CultOfDad collabs with Chill Lover Radio

The Culture of Dad has entered into a collaborative partnership with Chill Lover Radio, to distribute the #CultOfDad Podcast within their global network!

WTF is the point of lying, again?!

Okay, I know it is common place, in our society to tell lies. We justify it with all sorts of logic. 'It's not a lie to just omit 'unnecessary' details', or a little white lie hurts no one. A popular current one is to 'Do it for the gram!', because Instagram and social media is so…

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