The dumbest being the loudest {ep. #37 #CultOfDad Podcast}

In episode #37 of the #CultOfDadPodcast we diggin in! Real talk on the dumb people in our culture... Being the loudest, making the rest of us look like idiots. We touch on all sorts of issues from Lil Nas X to the LGBTQ community... to Trump... With my 2 cents and hot takes on all…

VALUE of SPACE | the final frontier | EP. 36 (#CultOfDad Podcast)

In today's episode, of #CultOfDad Podcast, we're talking the value and need for being alone, silence and Space! It's not just the final frontier. How it's necessary and cundusive to a guy's well being and mental stability! Take time for self... It might just save a life!

Validate yo’ self!

The importance of Self-validation Why do we insist on comparing ourselves to others? We hope and wait to receive love from everyone else. We spend so much time, effort and energy seeking the approval, the love, the validation we need everywhere else but ourselves. Here is why ultimately, it's a disservice to ourselves in the…

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