#CultOfDad Podcast Ep. 26 – Turning your sob story into an empowered story

In this episode we're talking, the power of storytelling... the stories we tell ourselves about our selves... the story we tell the world.

From Hood to Holy: One dad’s spiritual awakening journey… Part II

This post is a continuation of part 1 found here. So I started my journey back to school, to begin a new phase and chapter in my life. Not knowing where it would lead, but having faith in myself ... and deciding that life wasn't worth it if I couldn't be happy living it. My…

Hello from Beyond

The Following is something I was compelled to write... Being awoken at 2:22 am from deep slumber to a woman's voice, greeting me with a hello. Unsure who or what it was I chalked it up to remnants of a dream... but something called to me to come and write. I didn't know where to…

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