Romanticizing parenting

The truth is , being a Dad, a parent , etc... Is an imperfect process with imperfect beings and imperfect love... Making the effort to get it all 'right'... Full disclosure... I suck at a lot of this stuff. I'm not as patient as I'd like to be. I'm more controlling than I ever realized. I can be harder than I actually want. I struggle between properly disciplining, and wanting to be liked... This Daddy thing can be difficult and is a struggle at times.  That's my truth, and a far too unspoken truth for many.

Seeing the ‘Good’, in the ‘Bad’ of our Children

we are empowered to determine how to best guide our kids in the ways that we need... without destroying some of the most beautiful aspects of them.

To the Depressed new Dad

The following is in response to an article on The Guardian submitted by a "depressed new dad". The original source article "What I’m really thinking: the depressed new dad" can be found here.     Dear Depressed New Dad~ I feel your pain my friend. One thing I can assure you, is that you are not…

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