FCK Fear

I'm afraid … occasionally, of nothing, more than I'd like to admit... EVERYTHING I'm afraid I'm not worthy not worthy of my blessings, abundance, love, My family... I'm afraid I'm not capable …  Not able to provide for or to protect. Falling short in my duties, in my family, as a father, as a man. I'm…

F.E.A.R. – Fuck everything and run!! or False evidence appearing real?

Fear - F.E.A.R.- can stand for 2 things. Fuck Everything and Run or False Evidence Appearing Real! Where do you choose to live your life from?

From Hood to Holy: One dad’s spiritual awakening journey… Part II

This post is a continuation of part 1 found here. So I started my journey back to school, to begin a new phase and chapter in my life. Not knowing where it would lead, but having faith in myself ... and deciding that life wasn't worth it if I couldn't be happy living it. My…

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