Romanticizing parenting

The truth is , being a Dad, a parent , etc... Is an imperfect process with imperfect beings and imperfect love... Making the effort to get it all 'right'... Full disclosure... I suck at a lot of this stuff. I'm not as patient as I'd like to be. I'm more controlling than I ever realized. I can be harder than I actually want. I struggle between properly disciplining, and wanting to be liked... This Daddy thing can be difficult and is a struggle at times.  That's my truth, and a far too unspoken truth for many.

WTF is the point of lying, again?!

Okay, I know it is common place, in our society to tell lies. We justify it with all sorts of logic. 'It's not a lie to just omit 'unnecessary' details', or a little white lie hurts no one. A popular current one is to 'Do it for the gram!', because Instagram and social media is so…

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