Romanticizing parenting

The truth is , being a Dad, a parent , etc... Is an imperfect process with imperfect beings and imperfect love... Making the effort to get it all 'right'... Full disclosure... I suck at a lot of this stuff. I'm not as patient as I'd like to be. I'm more controlling than I ever realized. I can be harder than I actually want. I struggle between properly disciplining, and wanting to be liked... This Daddy thing can be difficult and is a struggle at times.  That's my truth, and a far too unspoken truth for many.

Celebrating Mothers: The Heart

Honoring all mothers out there for all their efforts when it comes to raising us all, at all levels. Thanks Mom

In memoriam… the death of a single mother.

Her name was Elena, a kindly but frail older woman in the neighborhood.¬† She often had a small little boy with her. He was a rowdy one, a screamer, strong-willed, curiously independent¬†and hyper-sensitive. Whenever I would see them together, I thought, what a curious pair, a sweet, kindly fragile grandmother with her rowdy rambunctious grandchild.…

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