Welcome to the “Culture of Dad” #CultOfDad The new home for the fraternity of Fathers. We’re not just Dads we’re a brotherhood!

The goal of #CultOfDad is to be the home for this new era of Dads redefining the culture of what it means to be a Father.

Unlike the generations of past, men are stepping up across the globe to be a presence in their children’s lives. The world is changing fast and so is what it means to be a father.

On this platform , we aim to provide the support, the resources, and the community that every father needs. The community that every father’s is creating. Whether ‘stay at home’, ‘part time’, ‘single’, ‘gay’ or other type of Dad, we are men and we belong.

#Dads #Fathers #Fatherhood #Parenting #Love

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