Welcome to the #CultOfDad – the short catchy hashtag for the Culture of Dad. Just to avoid any confusion, before anyone gets the wrong idea, around the word cult. Lol!

The #CultOfDad is the space representing DaddyCulture and the fatherhood community in the media. As our stories aren’t properly told and misrepresented in many ways. The current change in times, demand for a change in perspective.

CultureofDad_3c Gone are the days of the absentee / deadbeat dad, as more and more men are stepping into this fatherhood, leadership roles more than ever before.  Yes while there are still deadbeat and absentee dads out there but the culture is growing and here at the Culture Of Dad we intend to contribute and add value to this conversation that is changing the narrative of fatherhood in our society.

Recognizing that more men from all levels of society are owning their roles as fathers, leaders, and guidance to younger generations… there is a need for content and resources that speak to us, our perspectives and tell our stories. A space that facilitates the community, of us all having this shared experience, from many different perspectives.

It’s our goal to break down the negative stigmas surrounding dads, and make the fatherhood experience more relatable and less scary for new dads and all others.  This is not a shot at mothers or women, #CultOf Dad aims to support our mothers through encouraging fathers in owning our power and our roles. Our roles as fathers, as men, as our individual selves and all the nuances that go into that.

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#CultOfDad PodCast | Anchor – The easiest way to make a podcast

Where we discuss all things DAD related… which is simply, ALL things.

At the #CultOfDad, we believe that -as important as it is –  fatherhood is just a label. One of many we will carry throughout our lives. We are still, ourselves and we get to be that. Although we now carry this label of ‘father’, we are so much more than that… and by being the fullest version of ourselves, beyond just ‘Daddy’, we become better fathers.

This is the place where we build that idea out more, share it with the world and allow the community to build and grow together.


This is where that new Culture of Dad lives. Helping each other grow through the process with ease and not alone. We are a fraternity, a brotherhood. Welcome to the #CultofDad!!

We love to collaborate, support and contribute to like-minded people and organizations. Please feel free to reach out and contact us directly!


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